High Impact Entrepreneurship


Life Up is a startup of high-impact entrepreneurship focused on humanitarian technology.


Management of operational information, system interoperability and communication services.


Management of operational information, games development or gamification strategies as an educational tool.


Logistics and personalized information management, development of software solutions, web and specific services.


Meet out entrepreneurship solutions below:


Service Pack for the treatment of Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD...


Shuttle Logistics Service of Shared Economy Network


Undertake with us! Be part of the


Application proposal for the treatment of selective mutism and Social Phobia.

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Get to know our history

  • Arising

    Founded in June 2013, Life Up was born through an innovative education system. We are a software developer startup focused on high-impact entrepreneurship by offering development services and systems maintenance, consulting and proprietary software.

  • Business Model

    Life Up presents a hybrid business model, allowing to undertake and provide social activities that can contribute to a better quality of life, serving segments B2C, B2B and B2G of customer.

  • Values

    We at Life Up have values that we bring with us always, as austerity, ethics, excellence, justice, loyalty and appreciation.

  • Vision

    Being a reference in the national solutions services market, recognized at their market performance and the quality of services offered.

  • Mission

    Multiply the values of society through humanitarian technologies, for life is the greatest wealth that man has!

  • Editorial

    Visit our institutional page for more information about our history, trajectory and projects.

Our Amazing Team!

Eraldo Guerra

CEO & Founder

Created the Life Up with the proposal to stimulate entrepreneurial empowerment in the educational institution which he taught. Master of Software Engineering by C.E.S.A.R, is also the creator of Cangame Maker, HupDay, Stepbox, co-creator of Cangame Learn and have experience in several startups, by mentoring and collaboration.

Gabriel Lourenço

Chief Designer Officer

SpeakUp creator, and co-creator of Cangame Health and Learn. Undergraduate student in Information System by UFRPE, has starred in startups and companies developing graphic materials, audiovisual and websites, as Edudream in San Mateo, California, Campus Party, Fuctura, HiPro among others.

Nicollas Freitas

Chief Technology Officer

Cangame Learn and Maker Creator. Founder of Tryno and Imaginer Studio, Undergraduate student in Information System by UFRPE, developed GoNutri, Snitch and CantoBom, and teach programming classes for young people. Experiences in Data Mining, Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Development.

Asaffe Carneiro

Chief Programmation Officer

Cangame Health creator and Co-creator of Cangame Learn. Undergraduate student in Information System by UFRPE, operates in the areas of software development and mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship. Experience in startup projects related to social issues in areas of Campus Party and StartUp Weekend.

José Fernando

Chief Development Officer

Cangame Maker iOS version creator. Undergraduate student in Information System at UFRPE, works in the area of software development and mobile applications for the iOS platform, developed the Wakeup, a system that monitors the driver's attention deficit in traffic. Experience with electronic devices like Kinect, Arduino and Raspberry in both software development and equipment implementation.

Renato Araújo

Chief UX/UI Officer

UX and UI Designer of Cangame Maker. Graduated in Graphic Design by AESO, he has worked in several companies and advertising agencies developing graphics, audiovisual and interface layout. Experience in the development of an application to the Ministry of Health of Brazil.

"A united and strong team, working in quality from our services."


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